Sunday, May 15, 2005



Mermy created this Blog as a 2-way avenue for Comic Chat users to help one another using the program. Her own message board had gotten overrun with spammers from China. Since she failed to write down the password when she created the message board, she cannot get into it to edit out the garbage. So she abandoned the message board and is starting this Blog as a effort to create a more secure environment away from spammers.

There are many things that Mermy is sure someone has been able to figure out in regards to some of the Comic Chat program settings. There is also the background .BGB maker and the .AVB file editor to consider as well as Haruki's AVB file ripper.

So let us begin to share...

I am glad you started this blog , I just descovered it in July 2006, wow I hope you still check it out, glad you are here, made your wonderfull site.
It has all the tools to get the Comic Chat and Characters and start chatting:)
This is my first time to your blog. I'm just finding out about it. I hope you continue your blog cause I love this program!
hmm well u know i gotta go get my soapbox lmao
back in a short time liz oh and thanks i just needed to dl some gear from ur pages

its nice that someplace has retained the best chat client :)
Salut ! Super ta webpage et merci !!! J' utlise Comic-Chat depuis 1999 et en mode cartoon, c' est fantastique !
Hee oui, en Suisse on parle aussi le fran├žais :)
Bonne continuation Elisabeth :x

- Hello ! Super your webpage and thank you !!! I use Comic-Cat since 1999 and in mode cartoon, it is fantastic !
Hey yes, in Switzerland one speaks also French :)
Good continuation Elisabeth :x
Hey Merm haven't saw ya in a few days (ok 135) how ya doing? great blog
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